To redefine old age as a reflection of much acquired wisdom and life experience. To view retirement life as a period in which a person can focus on intellectual and spiritual pursuits, and growth.


To care for the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs of the seniors in Baltimore metropolitan area


The Jewish Senior Network provides a listening ear and emotional support to many seniors living in facilities, or at home, by visiting them on a regular basis.

The Jewish Senior Network visits multiple senior living facilities (independent living, assisted living, and nursing homes) in the Baltimore area on an ongoing basis to facilitate "Torah and Tea" classes and programs where seniors can learn, explore and reflect on ideas about Jewish history, tradition and values.

The Jewish Senior Network organizes programs throughout the year in multiple senior living facilities in Baltimore for the Jewish holidays, where seniors can participate and practice the age-old traditions of Jewish life.

What is a “Torah and Tea”?

Over the span of an hour, residents learn about a topic of Jewish history and/or tradition. This lesson is brought to life with stories, anecdotes and life lessons. The topics are often connected to the current Torah Portion or Jewish holidays, which provides a platform for the residents to share their own memories and insights relating to the discussion on hand.

Following the session, the Rabbi or Rebbetzin spends time with each of the residents, to establish a personal and lasting connection.

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